Two most awaited smartphone of the year 2016

Two most awaited smartphone of the year 2016; Apple’s iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus) and Samsung flagship smartphone Galaxy S7 are scheduled to be launched later in the year. While the rumor suggest the california based tech company may announce the new iPhone 7 in the month of september, Samsung can do this bit early with its flagship smartphone Galaxy S7.

Apple and Samsung both are among those big smartphone manufacturing companies who have took entire world by storm by manufacturing the smartest phone. When we say smartphone, they are really smart to do the stuff. For example, you may ask SIRI to send a text message from the contact list or tell you today’s temperature. The smartphones are smart enough to understand the language and act accordingly.

As the rumors suggest, the new iPhone will be feature A10 processor which the company may get ready well before announcement of iPhone 7, 3 GB RAM, latest iOS 10 which is scheduled to be announced in June 2016, improved camera pixel with isight feature to make the photo clicking experience better than ever, slimmer phone ever, wireless charging facility, waterproofed and much more.

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However if we talk about Samsung Galaxy S7 (and S7 edge), the rumor suggest that Galaxy S7 may sport Exynos 8890 chipset, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB storage, 12 MP primary camera ann 5 mp  front facing camera. We don’t see much up-gradation from its predecessor apart from Exynos 8890 chipset however these are just rumors which may or may not come out to be true.

Whatever the specification of these devices will be, we trust both these companies as both of them given us many amazing devices not just smartphone. Macbook pro 2016, Apple iPAD air 3, are other two most awaited devices from the world most biggest tech company. Both are the leaders when it comes to bringing innovation to its products.


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